Corporate Finance

A cornerstone of our practice, JABarrett provides independent, strategic guidance on finance and value creation, tailor-made for each client. We work on issues of valuation, transaction support, capital markets, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.



In our increasingly global and competitive market, growth is not an option; it is an imperative. We work closely with clients to overcome internal and external barriers to accelerate and achieve growth in their core business and beyond.


Organization & Governance

The design of an organization and governance system is about much more than the boxes and connecting lines on an organization chart – they are the fundamentals of being able to accomplish what you set out to do. With that in mind, we work with clients to improve performance and make their organizations better places to work by ensuring that the organization is aligned and set up to deliver on its objectives.


Public Affairs, Positioning, & Social Responsibility

Successful, sustainable organizations know that they must move beyond good intentions to achieve good business. We work with clients to navigate and manage the external environment, raise and preserve their profiles, and establish productive relationships. In short, we help clients translate public expectations into leadership opportunities.



Developing and executing great strategy requires careful and critical analysis, followed by a measured approach and commitment. JABarrett helps organizations identify and understand their unique differentiating capabilities, determine their specific priorities, and then, in close partnership, helps them design and bring to life a unique, measured plan.


Performance Improvement

Whether expanding market share or increasing efficiencies, improving performance often comes down to identifying the initiatives that will make the key difference in delivering fundamental, sustainable advancement. We work with clients to perform a comprehensive review of their businesses, helping them discover watershed opportunities, avoid pratfalls, and set a course that achieves results.